Thekla, Bristol - Support slot

Alan Schnauser 6/16/10

Hi guys,

I've got an identical question regarding the gig on Nov 25th in Bristol.

The band is called Schnauser.

We'd love to support Blitzen Trapper too, especially in our hometown in such a brilliant venue.

We do similarly skewed pop/rock with lots of changes/harmonies and 60's/70's influences and would absolutely love to open for you.

Who could we ask about this one?
Alan & Schnauser


gatorbutts 6/16/10

Wow.  Interesting sound, Alan.  Checked you out on  Myspace.  Tracks "Nest of Hairs" and "Showers of Blood" sound like they could have been lifted from one of Garmonbozia's early records (Blitzen Trapper's little-known "spacy, psych-pop, experiemental" earlier incarnation).  Very nice - I'd say a great openener, indeed!

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