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loneranger 11/2/11

Hey freaks.  Anyone know who is playing first tomorrow night?  Blitzen or Dawes?  Just curious.  Thanks for any info.

OCDBT4ME 11/3/11

Blitzen Trapper played last in Cleveland on 11/1, so I can only assume the order will be the same for your local show.

1) Belle Brigade

2) Dawes

3) BT

With that said, if you can, it's worth getting there in time to see both opening acts.  Have a great time!

Sunshine 11/3/11

I saw them in Boston last week and it was 


-Belle Brigade for 45 Mins 

-Dawes for 1:30

-BT for 1:30-2:00

It was truly amazing.

Third time seeing the BT boys.

First time for Dawes, and Damn can that boy play a guitar! 

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