Too Kool

DBooty 9/28/20
Anyone have a link to the digital tracks? thx!
wakeman 10/22/20
actually, were there ever digital tracks for the first unreleased recordings? I've got that one on vinyl and don't recall that it came with a download.
Comet 10/22/20
The first volume can be bought digitally at bandcamp (did so myself not 5 days ago!)

Re. the digital tracks for vol 2 I don't think it's out physically until Saturday (and the digital tracks for vol 1 took a year or two to be released?)

Music Saves 10/24/20
I want to say that Unreleased Recordings Vol. 1 was out digitally December 2017, after it was released on vinyl that April.  The Kids album release never got a digital release, though, I think I even asked about it on here but never got a response.  I'd gladly take any mp3/flac of that if anyone has it, had to grab that on eBay.  Unreleased Vol. 2 should've been out in April but it's out today so who knows when/if it'll be out digitally.  Chicago doesn't want me coming in from Indiana, so I'm shut out until I succumb to eBay or they get a digital release.  :(
wakeman 10/24/20
There's a lot of stores offering things online with shipping! Might need to wait for the dust to clear today for places offering curbside. A significant markup but I did see a few copies of vol 2. on discogs already.
wakeman 10/24/20
Can confirm fwiw that there's no digital release included with undereleased vol. 2.
GrangerLang 10/27/20
Anyone looking for a copy, Easy Street in Seattle just put the rest of their RSD stock online, they got some BT, no idea how many:
munkymufin1 10/30/20
If anyone is on the fence about getting this one, I'd definitely recommend it.  I didn't look at the track list before putting the record on, and it was such a pleasant surprise to hear a "studio" recording of "Big Adventure" after listening to the Daytrotter version for years.  Super great all around.
Music Saves 12/3/20
Any word on this coming to Bandcamp yet?  
DBooty 8/11/21
Has anyone been able to rip wav/mp3 files from the vinyl? Thx!
winchuckster 12/15/22
Hey folks, I was able to grab a copy of Too Kool and rip it to mp3. Here's a link to my google drive folder with the songs: 
munkymufin1 1/8/23
Thank you, winchuckster!  This has helped me listen to these great tracks while my turntable is out of commission.  
DBooty 2/14/23
Thanks win!

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