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J Lurve 4/21/22
Thread for reviews and links to bootlegs etc.
LiveBillieJean 4/21/22

Edit: Who all is going to the Rev Hall show tomorrow?
munkymufin1 4/22/22
Yes, please!  As I'm over in Louisville, KY, I will be grateful for any bootlegs.  If I still lived in CO, I'd probably go to each of the Park City, UT dates, haha.  Have fun, gang!
fabarmadillo 4/26/22
It was so great to see them in both Portland and Seattle! Loved getting to hear "Heroes of Doubt" for the first time ever live. 
Anyway, this channel has videos from the Eugene show:
J Love 4/27/22
Did they play the entire show as a 3 piece ? Who is the other band member ?
munkymufin1 4/27/22
I cannot believe they played "Heroes of Doubt."  I am dying for a bootleg.
fabarmadillo 4/29/22
The group was Eric, Brian, Michael Blake, and someone else on keys and bass, I forget his name. In Portland they also had a sax player and a slide guitar player for some of the songs.

Keys and bass - Michael Elson
Slide guitar pedal steel guitar - Raymond Richards
Saxophone - Marissa ?

fabarmadillo 4/29/22

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