Tour de Blitzen

LiveBillieJean 5/5/23
Anyone going to Boise, Baker City or Hood River shows? I’m hitting all 3. I’m hoping Erik, Marty and Michael are back this summer but either way it will be a blast. 
J Lurve 6/5/23
Hmm. Not seen much about this - all seems very low key. Anyone anything to report ?
Lubenow 11/21/23
It's pretty apparent the current live line up is in for the long haul (studio albums are essentially Early solo affairs since he plays everything but the occasional drums). I suppose we can blame the pandemic for the demise of the old BT. Hopefully, someday, this version will gel like Erik, Marty, and Michael did. Last show I saw wasn't in the same hemisphere. Bitter disappointment TBH... 
J Love 12/1/23
But the last album and the new tracks aren't the same vibe so don't suit that 6 piece soundscape.

I miss the rock out bangers of previous albums mind you - however there is always "Live in Portland" - don't be sad its over , be glad it happened.
munkymufin1 12/2/23
For what it's worth, I was lucky enough to be at the show in St Louis this past October (along with forum friend Fabarmadillo!) and absolutely loved it.  This was maybe the 14th show I've been to since 2009, and it was a different experience but mainly in the way that every show is unique. The band felt really tight to me, and they stirred up a powerful spirit.  There was one jammy moment that stood out where I noticed each of the four members had their eyes closed, as they were feeling their way to the next round of solos.  It was a magical night, and I can't wait for the next show!

Of course I'll always love and miss Marty, Mike, and Erik, and I'm so grateful to have seen them over the years. I hope to hear more from them down the road (and I still spin "Skookum Sound" quite a bit in the meantime).
fabarmadillo 12/4/23
@munkymufin1 It was great to see you there! I agree about it being "a different experience but mainly in the way that every show is unique." 

I've now seen Blitzen 2.0 four times (2x w/ Blake, 2x w/ Nathan). My thoughts about the new guys: It didn't feel like Nathan was new, bc he's been like their "5th Beatle" for a long time, and one of my friends had worked with him and told me good things about him. So it was cool to see him. I also kinda knew about Blake bc played on Holy Smokes, and I've really enjoyed both his talent and his personality. As for Michael E, I wish I knew his backstory. He's the only one who at first confused me bc I had no clue who he was. But he's an incredible pianist, and he keeps vibing with the group even more at every show. 

I appreciate that Brian is still there (and getting to sing lead more!) He's kind of an anchor. 

It's still not exactly the same as the quintet, and I hope the old guys will make guest appearances someday. 

And I know it must've been annoying that there was no actual announcement. I knew months in advance that I would see a new group at the next show, so I had time to mentally prepare, but I think I would've been frustrated if I just showed up without knowing.

From what I understand, the three were already planning to leave before Covid. They had other passions. Also, they're probably among a lot of long-time Portlanders who have been moving out bc of how their city is changing.
J Love 2/7/24
Any info on what the ex-Trappers are up to musically ?

Perhaps this deserves its own thread.
fabarmadillo 2/14/24
I wish! I've been searching and I'm not coming up with any music from them, sadly. Seems like Brian is the only founding member with a solo music career rn. Marty's Skookum Sound was seven years ago. 

Can anyone else find anything? 
fabarmadillo 4/24/24
Just posted - Menteer jamming with friends at the old lodge he's restoring.
J Love 4/30/24
thanks for posting fabar - looks a cool project too.

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