Tour Possibilities

blitzface 1/4/11

Since BT hasn't posted any upcoming tour dates, maybe just maybe, we can influence their tour schedule just a bit.  

It seems as if the guys like Colorado, so maybe a 'Rockin the Rockies' or 'Blitzed in the 'Rado' tour.  Like a week long trip through Colorado starting with:

Boulder - Chautauqua Park -> Fort Collins - Mishawaka Ampitheater -> Steamboat Springs -> Aspen  - belly up -> Telluride Wine Fest. --> Rancho Del Rio 'Donkey Fest 2011' (a bunch of us asses get together to party and raft the 'rado) -> then end in Denver.

.... this could be a cool run in any state that would offer an adventure.  I would definitely take a week off to run with the trapper around Oregon.  

Louisville, KY - this town is ripe for BT, late nights too - bars open till 4am

Rock Island, IL - Rock Island Brewing Company - daytrodder fellas?

Rockford, IL - Kryptonite Music Lounge

Columbia, MO - The Blue Note

Bloomington IN - The Bluebird

Haven't been to any of these for years, but would be great to see BT there.  Any other cool places to see music?

okko 1/5/11


Trey 1/8/11

Prague, Czech Republic,  would draw a good crowd. Wilco were here in the autumn and had a few hundred people. Lots of expats here who'll know the band.

LeninaDeStaël 1/9/11

Paris would be awesome, since the gig in November was cancelled.

paobrien41 1/18/11

I had the privilege of seeing Blitzen Trapper at the Granada in Lawrence Kansas in 2010.

Since this is the time of year to schedule the upcoming shows for 2011...may I suggest Crosstown Station 1522 McGee, Kansas City, one of our fastest growing indoor music venues..  Great sound for the space which is similar to Granada.

I also would like to suggest Grinders,, which happens to be an awesome outdoor venue a few block from Crosstown Station.   Both have a huge following in the Kansas City area.    Please come and entertain us in the Midwest...I so hope you will consider stopping over between Lawrence, KS (Granada) and Columbia, MO (The Blue Note).


Pam O'Brien  - [email protected]

Dunwoody 2/27/11

I'd like to see the Columbia idea moved to St. Louis or scheduled for a weekend.  Stupid work always gets in the way of even short trips.

But frankly at this point I'd settle for *any* dates.  How am I ever going to hear the Tailor live if they don't get on tour?!

squirlock 3/1/11

Perhaps the deep south? Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, or Tennessee. It doesn't really matter actually, because I'll be willin to travel anywhere.

Jon Costa 3/2/11

Boston please?

jennyb1545 3/3/11

Come up north to Edmonton, Alberta! Would love to see you guys live!

thingmaker 3/10/11

Salt Lake City - Play the Depot!

jeglican 4/19/11

Michigan!  Play in Lansing!  Bring some life into this shitty state!

killerqueen0 4/20/11

Come to Salt Lake, but not to The Depot or The Urban Lounge... I won't get to go because of the alcohol laws at those (21+). In The Venue is pretty good! Kilby Court is fun too...

João Vitor Lgr 4/23/11

Come to Brazil!

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