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blakedrury 6/15/10

Looking forward to seeing the Trapper @ Southgate House on June 20th. Anyone have set lists from recent shows? Hoping to hear The Tree, Laughing Lover and The Tailor from the new record... and of course the title tracks from Furr and WMN!

indied 6/15/10

If you go to the "Shows" section of the site and scroll down through past shows, you can see some of the setlists that have been added.  I saw them in Atlanta last week and they played all the songs you mention above except "The Tailor" (in fact, "The Tailor" and "Lover Leave Me Drowning" were the only songs from the new album they didn't play.)  I thought Brian and Marty did a wonderful job recreating the harmonies on "The Tree."

Teresa 6/16/10

OH! I do so hope to hear The Tailor in KC. I mean, I'm sure I'll enjoy the show no matter what, but that song is my current musical addiction.

Trapper Team
Matt 6/16/10

FYI, I just made it so it's easier to spot the shows that have set lists (YELLOW!) and non-users will be able to see the setlist if there is one.  Slowly but surely!

thingmaker 6/17/10

I was posting songs from a show from 2009 and noticed a couple of songs that are missing from the set list options. "Jericho" and "The last thing on my mind". It would be nice to be able to have a write in option for some of the odballs, covers and one-offs.

Trapper Team
Matt 6/17/10

Yeah, making it so you can write in stuff is definitely on my to-do list.  Thanks for the feedback!

blakedrury 6/17/10

Thanks Matt!

blakedrury 6/21/10

Just added the full setlist for the show at Southgate House under past shows. The place was packed. Great show.

otisarungus 6/21/10

Agreed on all the points of your comment with the setlist, Blake. Maybe the best of the 3 I've seen. I love hearing the new stuff live. The setlist was perfect, I heard every song I wanted to hear except for the The Tailor.

I should have a recording of most of the show (sorry, batterie issues) up on the Archive by the end of the week. I know I got everything up through Sleepytime, I'm not sure about the encore though as I haven't listened to it all yet.

Dunwoody 6/22/10

I'll second the calls for the Tailor live. I think that's probably my favorite tune from the new album. I could see those arpeggios on the acoustic guitar being pretty nasty to hit live though!

Teresa 6/23/10

I asked Eric about The Tailor after the KC show and he said he actually doesn't like the song all that much. I commented on how he put it on the album but he disagreed - sounds like they outvoted him?  I'm glad they did because I love that song. He said it would probably show up in later tours, though, as more people have the album.

The song makes me think of a Star Trek character.  I am the biggest dork ever. :)

otisarungus 6/25/10

Here is a link to the Southgate House 6/20/10

Much thanks to Ingrid, BT Tour Manager, for getting me permission to record and to my friend Jesse for the transfer/master and the loaning of the equipment.

AmshMisfit 6/25/10

^ awesome - thank you!

edit: the link actually goes to a jgb show, could you repost?

gatorbutts 6/25/10

I think this is the correct link (the other took you to a Garcia show):

Anyone know how to load it over at


AmshMisfit 6/25/10

there it is! thanks daniel

AmshMisfit 6/25/10

it appears that I got rid of my torrent client, can someone mediafire/megaupload this for a poor soul?

Dunwoody 6/25/10

I'm running the torrent now.  I'll up it to MF when done.

Anyone know a good flac>mp3 converter for OS X w/ an intuitive GUI?

gatorbutts 6/25/10
Dunwoody 6/25/10

Thanks, gatorbutts.

Amish -- I'm upping it to MF in three parts.  I'll post them as they finish.

otisarungus 6/25/10

Sorry for some reason I can't copy/paste here and I must've put a wrong number in there while typing the URL out in my semiawake state.

The show sounds amazing. I'll have it up on the Archive sometime soon. But honestly, FLAC is the way to go kids. Especially if you plan on burning it to CD. All you need is Utorrent and a FLAC plugin for Winamp. And as the taper of this show I would really prefer no one converts any FLACS to lossy formats such as MP3. Those will be up on the Archive soon enough.

UPDATE: The show is currently uploading to the Archive right now. It takes a while and then it has to prepare the derivatives. Hopefully it should be done late tonight or tomorrow.

Dunwoody 6/25/10

Pt 1:

Note to otis -- I converted to mp3 for my use only. I won't spread the mp3s. Thanks for taping.

AmshMisfit 6/25/10

thank you dunwoody

Dunwoody 6/26/10
otisarungus 6/26/10

No worries Dunwoody. It sounds like you are well aware of my conerns. I just wanted to make sure the music is never diluted when someone gets it.

The Archive upload had some errors. I'm fixing that stuff right now. It should be up soon.

gatorbutts 6/26/10

Thanks Dunwoody and otis.  Otis, it looks like the show on Archive is mislabeled as 6/10/10, but otherwise - nice work!

otisarungus 6/26/10

Yeah I just noticed the date. I changed it in one field, I'm just hoping it renames the whole thing. If not I'll email them. I'm not sure if that was my mistake or theirs, but that was a bitch to get online. Errors, tracks disappearing, etc. At least everyone can stream it and d/l their preferred format now.

And as happy as I am with the sound quality, that's all on BT and my friend that mastered the recording.

(I'll post the Moondoggies' set here too when I get permission to distribute)

blakedrury 6/29/10

Thanks Otis and everyone else. Sounds Great!

spikewilbury 7/1/10

Added the Spokane, WA show setlist.  I may be missing something, but "Jericho" wasn't on the song dropdown list.

Trapper Team
Matt 7/1/10

Funny you should mention that, as I just pushed a major upgrade to the setlist functionality!  You can now write in songs that aren't in the dropdown and drag and drop to reorder songs.  I also cleaned up the layout of the show pages in general.  All feedback is super welcome!

Oh, and the next thing I want to add is a dedicated "Encore" section.

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