Trapper Gear?!?!?!?1?

g8rboarder 12/8/09

Is there a way to get t-shirts and other trapper gear from the recent tour? I have looked on the site to try and find trapper merch to no avail.

Trapper Team
Matt 12/8/09

Hi g8rboarder, and welcome to the board! I'm BT's co-manager and webmaster. You're definitely not the first person to request getting merch on the site, and it's definitely something I want to do. I'm hoping to rehaul the site over the next month or two, and merch will be one of the things included. In the meantime you can get some BT gear (though not the stuff they had with them on tour) over at Sub Pop here:

otisarungus 12/10/09

I have a brand new BT shirt if anyone wants it. I LOVE the shirt but it simply doesn't fit me. It's from their Fall/Winter tour. It looks like the "trapper logo" shirt above except the shirt is grey and the logo is purple. It's a Large. $20 is what it cost on tour. $20 out the door with shipping. zach dot mayo1 at gmail dot com

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