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gatorbutts 6/17/10

Anyone know where to find the original "Trapper" record?  It used to be available in iTunes under the Blitzen Trapper name, but no longer and I can find it no where else.  I think it was pretty much just early recordings by Eric (post-Garmonbozia, pre-Blitzen) that had a very twangy feel.

gatorbutts 6/17/10

Per, it is listed as a 2004 release from LidKerCow records under the artist name "Trapper", self-titled with the following tracks:

1   Choctaw
2   Graveyard
3   Carnivore
4   River's Edge
5   10 Cent Slut
6   Alligator Shoes
7   Shakin'
8   Barstow
9   Raw

gatorbutts 6/17/10

Found it for purchase here:

Search for artist "Trapper" and it can be bought for $8.99.  Hope the BT boys get their cut.

Trapper Team
Matt 6/17/10

Wow, nice sleuthing!  Yeah, we kind of, uh, lost the audio for that album (and the Cool Love #1 EP, and the Live/Acoustic EP) when we switched distributors.  I'm working on tracking it down, but looks like you managed to find one of the few (only?) stores that still has them up.  The money should find it's way back to the band, so thanks man.

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