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marty 1/29/12

Hey all, happy dragon year and all that jazz!

If you live around Portland you should come down to the basement of the Crystal Hotel this week some time. I'm doing solo sets every night but there are a host of cool artists performing, including Eric E. and Brian. 

The shows are free, and start at 7. Tonight Zach Tillman of Pearly Gate Music will be joining me along with Eric Johnson of the Fruit Bats—makers of my favorite record of 2011—to celebrate the Chinese Lunar new year, etc. Over the course of the week we'll also see solo sets by Mike Elias, Birger Olsen, and Tom Bevitori (all of Denver), Jenna Conrad, Evan Way (Parson Red Heads), and Mike Coykendall, along with performances by Seattleites John and David Totten (of The Quiet Ones), folk duo Thousands, and hypermusical quintet Heatwarmer.

Zibby, I saw that it was 21+ and I don't know what to say about that other than "Where there's a will there's a way."

Also I posted a few of my tunes here:



GrangerLang 1/29/12

The schedule in more detail, for anyone that wants to go and let me live vicariously through you as I fight the urge to hop on the train all week:

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