Troubadour in October

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michael.james 8/24/14

Whoa. Nice. Such a great place to play - I think you'll dig it. 

junglelove 9/1/14

Michael - any gossip on what 2015 holds for BT ? 

plTRAPPER 9/23/14

CAN NOT WAIT for the TRAPPER to hit LA~~!!!  Swahoogie and I are very excited about the Troubadour show.  Dream Set-List:


The All-Girl Team

Shine On

Below The Hurricane

Drive On Up



Feel The Chill

Might Find It Cheap

Black River Killer

Leopard's Will To Live

Big Black Bird

Your Crying Eyes

Ever Loved Once

Love The Way You Walk Away

Wild Mountain Nation

Street Fighting Sun



Dragon's Song

Destroyer of The Void


Thirsty Man

Big Black Bird

Don't Be A Stranger

plTRAPPER 9/24/14

Again, VERY excited about October 3rd and the Troubadour.  It's one of my favorite venues in Los Angeles, and very intimate.  If Swahoogie approves, I plan to stand pressed against the stage, take lots of pictures, and sing along to every song I can (no Ryan Adams covers please, however a Springsteen cover would be most welcome) sing!

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michael.james 9/24/14

I applaud your gusto! We will play many but not all of these songs and we will not play a Ryan Adams cover, or the Boss for that matter. But we do have some tasty new covers that we are enjoying and hope you do too. Seriously looking forward to the Troub!

plTRAPPER 9/24/14

Awesome Michael, thank you!  I'm a brand new fan, thanks to my pal Swahoogie.  I used to make fun of his love for all things TRAPPER, yet I was an ignorant fool back then (Winter 2012 to Spring 2014).  Now, I can't get enough of your music, really.  Thank you!

plTRAPPER 9/24/14

...on a minor note, I would love to change my profile picture, yet the site keeps crashing with an error message.  However, since the "Destroyer of The Void" album is a favorite of mine (and the pic resembles the album cover) I like the current pic just the same.

Trapper Team
Matt 9/29/14

Thanks for the heads up about the profile picture site crashing problem. I'll take a look when I have a minute.

junglelove 10/3/14

post the real setlist if you can - ta.

plTRAPPER 10/3/14

Tonight!   TRAPPER IN LA!~!!!!!!!!!!  I AM SO VERY EXCITED!!!  My first Blitzen Trapper show, and better still...SWAHOOGIE is flying in from NY to see the show with me!  Am too pumped.  May get all Beatles-crazy tonight at the Troubadour.  HELP! me if you can I am feelin' bound for a night of TRAPPER!!!!!  

Trapper Team
Matt 10/9/14

OK, you should be able to change your profile picture again! Sorry about that.

plTRAPPER 10/13/14

thank you Matt!

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