Video: Blitzen Trapper @ Independent, SF

atomjack over 11 years ago

I shot video of two songs, Furr and Wild Mountain Nation, at the show at The Independent in San Francisco, last night. I'm pretty happy with them. The video came from my Canon SD800IS digital still camera, and the audio is from a soundboard/audience mix I did. Much thanks to Matt and the band for allowing the soundboard mix, it sure did help.

I added both videos to the facebook group, and you can also watch them on youtube here (although I recommend viewing on facebook as the video is slightly larger than on youtube):


Wild Mountain Nation

My audio recording of the entire show turned out real well, and I'll be happy to share it with whoever wants it. I'm gonna talk to Matt about perhaps getting BT added as a taper friendly band to the Internet Archive's Live Music Archive. I also recorded their show at Bottom of the Hill earlier this year, but haven't done anything with it yet. I plan to work on that tomorrow, plus I shot video of two songs (one of which was devil's a-go-go), which I will put up tomorrow as well. Keep an eye on the facebook group tomorrow :)

Hope ya'all enjoy.

ps:Here's the set list for last night's show:
Sleepytime in the Western World
Fire & Fast Bullets
God and Suicide
Saturday Nite
Black River Killer
Country Caravan
Gold For Bread
Love U
Echo/Always On/Easy Con
Summer Town
Wild Mountain Nation
Not Your Lover
Devil's a-go-go
The Gambler (a hillarious partial cover of the Kenny Rogers song)
Last Thing On My Mind
Miss Spiritual Tramp

GrangerLang over 11 years ago

Oooh, I'd love to see BT on the archive!
Sounds like it was a good show, that's a pretty fab setlist. I'd love to hear it!

madhatter1o6 over 11 years ago

I'm digging this video and second the motion for getting them on the Archive. I'm always directing people there to discover bands, I'd love BT up there and I'd love to have some live recordings. Many thanks for the video.

ALady over 11 years ago

Agreed, it would be fantastic to have some shows up on Archive!

Lubenow over 11 years ago

Hey atomjack, I'd be stoked to have a recording of my first ever BT show. It was a fantastic night! I have plenty to trade if you want to do that

winterchrome over 11 years ago

Atomjack, throw that recording up! My 6yr old needs a BT fix!

Trapper Team
Matt about 11 years ago

FYI for everyone, Atomjack has been hanging out in Thailand for the last couple months, hence the lack of upload. He's a taping fiend though (in a good way), so I'm sure he'll get around to it when he gets back.

Lubenow about 11 years ago

Atomjack back yet?

Trapper Team
Matt about 11 years ago

Hmmm, given that his Facebook picture is currently a shot of him in the jungle with a monkey on his shoulder, I'm gonna guess no. ;) I told him we're all clamoring for him though.

PS: I want a monkey on my shoulder!

GrangerLang about 11 years ago

As long as it's not on your back!

atomjack about 11 years ago

Ok, I got back from my trip on Friday and uploaded both shows I taped today. Enjoy!

GrangerLang about 11 years ago

Cheers, jack! They sound fabulous!

Lubenow almost 11 years ago

I agree, totally rippin'!!!

Nate almost 11 years ago

Yeah, the shows Rock!

The Archive thing is sweet!

The Band sounds great live, very tight. Never been to a show...

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