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c.knowles 9/14/11

What format should the video be uploaded in?

jeglican 9/14/11

also when is the due date?

Trapper Team
Sara 9/15/11

Hey guys,

We've updated the page with the relevant info (, but in short the deadline is October 13th, and any movie format supported by QuickTime should work like a charm. There's a whole list on the page for reference.

Andy, feel free to submit more than a minute of content if you've got an idea in mind. We just put that out as a general guideline so avoid submissions of The Next Great Feature Film or 18 minutes of footage of a rock.

jeglican 9/15/11

Haha ok cool.

Chrisonbelay 9/22/11

Hey guys,

  Is there a file size limit? I have a 1 minute .mov movie that is 44 MB. Submission page freezes when I try to upload. Suggestions?



Trapper Team
Sara 9/23/11

Hmm, thanks for letting us know. Looking into it!

Trapper Team
Sara 9/23/11

There is not a size limit, but if you're having troubles attaching the file, feel free to put it on YouSentIt and just include a link in the video description - we'll make sure we get it. Thanks!

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