Video: The Man Who Would Speak True + SB Show

Trapper Team
Matt 7/31/09
Hello trapperfriends! Some of you have asked about this new song Eric's been performing on this most recent tour. Someone was cool enough to shoot this very nice video of it from the Santa Barbara show, so I thought I'd post it here for your enjoyment. Apparently these were shot and edited entirely by students enrolled in a UCSB video production course. Awesome!

And here's a playlist with the rest of the show... all 17 tracks of it!

Beth 7/31/09

Great song!!! I can't wait to see BT on the East Coast again. thanks for posting!!

MorningCoffee 8/1/09

Ditto on both accounts Beth! ;) Great song, can't wait for some NY loooove, but who didnt know that already? haha

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