Waking Bullets at Breakneck Speed

Music Saves over 11 years ago

In my endless quest to hear all things Blitzen Trapper, I came across this title for an unreleased album in 2006, and I was just wondering what the deal was with it. Was it shelved in favor of Wild Mountain Nation? Was some of it used for that album? There was also something called Blitzen Trapper Advance Album Sampler Promo Thingy (which I assume was from this unreleased album), which from what I can gather contained at least these songs:

Maybe Baby
On A Dime
Silver Moon (of course we've heard this, but an earlier version perhaps?)
Stolen Shoes & A Rifle (same as above)
The Gunslinger

The Austinist website had some nice things to say about the songs back then too, perhaps they will appear again sometime!

"If you are able, hunt down the hand-assembled Blitzen Trapper Advance Album Sampler Promo Thingy (self-released, but you can get more information at Matt Wright PR) or check out 2005's Field Rexx, which earned a respectable 7.0 from Pitchfork last year. Their new album continues to impress as a quirky (in a good way) collection of pop songs infused with tongue-in-cheek bluegrass overtures, porch swing testimonials and crayon-covered masterpieces with songs like "On a Dime" and "The Gunslinger". They are without a label currently, but we predict they're either discovered by Zach Braff by year-end or being puffed by the elite music blogging community in time for a SXSW appearance."

Trapper Team
Matt over 11 years ago
Wow, you've really done your homework! Awesome. Waking Bullets was an aborted album that came between Field Rexx and Wild Mountain Nation. Preachers, Silver Moon, and an early version of Big Black Bird were on there, as were some other songs that haven't seen the light of day yet. Not sure what will happen to those at this point -- BT could rework them for a future album, or they could end up on the eventual b-sides comp. Waking Bullets just wasn't really coming together as an album, and then Eric made Wild Mountain Nation in a week or something crazy like that, and it was like, "YES, let's just go with this!"

The "Blitzen Trapper Advance Album Sampler Promo Thingy" (I'm afraid I have to take credit for that ridiculous title) was something we sent out to blogs to try to drum up interest. This was back when very few people outside (and inside!) of Portland had any idea who BT were, and we were just trying to raise their profile a bit. On A Dime was actually released on the the 2006 PDX Pop Now! compilation (you can stream almost the whole track from that link actually). There have been a bunch of different version of Maybe Baby but no final one... yet! The Gunslinger is an instrumental psych jam.

Here's the artwork for the sampler -- Waking Bullets never made it to the artwork stage.

Music Saves over 11 years ago

Excellent, thanks for the great info, Matt, as well as the cover! I have indeed been doing my homework, and in doing so now have another question maybe you can shed some light on. I have come across a 16 track album from apparently 2002 called Garmonbozia. Has a bunch of early versions of songs from the self-titled in '03 (even Asleep For Days from Field Rexx), along with a variety of never before heard songs. Hardly a word can be found about it online, aside from an Eric interview with cokemachineglow that states that Garmonbozia was their name before becoming BT. So is this an early demo of the band Garmonbozia, or a BT demo/aborted album that they titled Garmonbozia? I guess it doesn't matter, just trying to get a handle of the chronology of the band, band history states that they formed in 2000, but I guess under what moniker? In any case, it was certainly a shock to come upon!

Trapper Team
Matt over 11 years ago

I actually have no idea what the deal is with that one. I found it the same way you did, and was totally surprised. It predates my time working with band. I've always thought it might be something a fan put together and put on the filesharing networks.

It's true that BT used to be called Garmonbozia. That was their name when the six of them first started playing together in 2000, and they changed it to BT in 2003. There was also a very definite shift in approach coinciding with the name change: Garmonbozia was more spaced out and psychedelic, BT was/is more pop oriented. I think that's part of why the first, self-titled album is so concise and poppy, and they've kind of gradually let some of that old pysch vibe back in on Wild Mountain Nation, and also on Furr (this is just my take, of course). There were 3 albums and 3 EPs (I think, don't quote me on that) released under the name Garmonbozia. They were just burned for friends and given out at shows, from what I've been told. There's some really fantastic stuff on those discs, and we definitely plan to compile it all at some point.

Music Saves over 11 years ago

Fantastic, really appreciate the info!

absolutyyz over 11 years ago

thanks for all the early years information/conversation. it helps sheds a light on their history

conman about 11 years ago

Wow, the bit about Garmonbozia really brought things together for me. I couldnt figure out where that psychedelic influence was coming from and it is certainly woven into Furr more than Wild Mountain Nation. I think it compliments the concise pop well. I would like to see the band really explore the jam potential of some of the tracks on that album, thus my call for a 30min Easy Con dance party in Nashville(I keep calling it EZ Con because it is the last section of the sensational tri-slash suite Echo/Always On/EZ Con). The cicadas and howling in the background on the title track couldnt be more perfect, one of my favorite sounds of summer it seems so natural in that song.

I haven't gotten to hear much live BT yet. Newly turned on, and obviously excited to see this band evolve. Conan seemed genuinely impressed with their spot on his show and he is a sucker for psych.

dvp about 11 years ago

Here is what I have for Garmonbozia. I've got these early albums by them.

"The Group Presents: 1940"
Track List:
Pink Padded Slippers
Alsatian Leather
Even the Birds
Lover Leave Me Drowning
1940 Reprise
In Green Thumb

"The Group Presents: Tremolopsi!"
Track List:
Shame Shame
Time Machine
Winter Ship
Hold Me Sugar
Theme Variatour #5 (Juniper Berries)
Theme Variatour #6 (Eat Your Soldiers)
Theme Variatour #7 (Je Multiplie)
Cirque de Dirge

"The Group Presents: Perms, Porn & the Gestalt"
Track List:
Pina Colada
The Clown
Bill Bixby
The Devil & Bob George
Fugue in Five Parts
Lover in Tow

"The Group Presents: Omnibus and the Baker's Man (A Pretext For Black Movie Magic)"
Track List:
Maud vs. The Omnibus
The Checker & The Thieving Magpie
Maud Part Two
We & Eye
la Muelle

Hope this doesn't get me in trouble.

ALady about 11 years ago

Oh, cool...are these commercially available anymore? I'll have to do some digging.

dvp about 11 years ago

I don't think these were ever commercially available.
They are burned copies with homemade artwork by the group.
I have a few other demo-ish things lying around too.

Music Saves about 11 years ago

Any way to hear them? Would love copies of them, doesn't look like anything on there is from the Garmonbozia stuff I was able to track down.

psst... [email protected] :)

conman about 11 years ago

Yeah, how can i get hold of some AUDIO, I would love to hear these tracks.

gatorbutts almost 11 years ago

Email me for the Garmonbozia stuff. It's rad - especially the Duble Pepy Majik Plus album.
[email protected]

Nate almost 11 years ago

I'm still waiting to check out a show as well. There is some live stuff at Pitchfork.com and if you go to opb.org, and click on the performances section.

Here in Oregon, at Oregon Public Broadcasting, they have been doing live music and putting it up on their site. Not just Oregon bands like M. Ward, The Thermals and Blitzen Trapper, but some other acts that will suprise you. Good stuff.

The Pitchfork stuff on Blitzen Trapper is just fantastic!

gatorbutts almost 11 years ago

If it's live recordings you're looking for, check here:
I would reccomend starting with the 12/02/08 Independent show - a great soundboard recording.

gatorbutts almost 11 years ago

Hey DVP,
Do you have any scans of this Garmonbozia artwork (or could you scan them). If so, please contact me.
[email protected]

Nate almost 11 years ago




MorningCoffee almost 11 years ago

This thread blew my mind!! So much more info than I ever knew about BT and Garmonbozia.
(Can we just say 'Zia' for short? haha)

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