Webster Hall Show Oct 26-who is goin?

pppatticake 10/23/11

So looking forward to this Wed. show with Dawes, can't find a likeminded cool concert buddy who shares my excitement--anyone else have this issue, goin to the show?

rudolph trapper 10/23/11

im there pppatticake. cant wait. like dawes but wish bt was closing & i dont think they r unless theyre taking turns. actually watched dawes at newport folk fest in 2010 while talking to their dad. (drummer & lead singer r bros). @ the end of the show they asked him to help out w the last song. was really cool.


pppatticake 10/24/11

Dawes is closing?  Well, I am glad you told me so I make sure to get there early--Webster Hall is notorious for early start and finish.  I feel the same way about BT wish they were headlining--Band of Horses blew me away @ Hammerstein in August and I am on the fence about whether I can miss them @MSG but I really don't do big venues nor big pricey tickets and MMJ doesn't make me sit in my car for six straight songs after pulling in my driveway at home because I can't stop listening--but BOH does.   ANd so does Blitzen Trapper!  I think I may have enticed a hiking buddy to go with, we shall soon see;)


That's so cool about hanging with their dad--part of the reason why I love fests so much--I hung with Railroad Earth's white haired mama's at FalconRidge a few years ago and I got to stand aside twiddlin my thumbs while my daughter waxed poetic about Dr. Who with Chris Smither at Clearwater this year.

I'll look for you there--shouldn't be hard to miss as long as you keep the nose lit;)

pppatticake 10/24/11

ooooh  were you at Pettyfest this year?

rudolph trapper 10/27/11

sorry patti just saw ur last post. anyway..... Epic show last nite. The Trappers absolutely melted my face off. The only downer unfortunately was Dawes closing. As i said i do like the band they just dont really come close to bt in my opinion. & no patti i wasnt at pettyfest. was he playing or was it a bunch of dif ppl playing his stuff?


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