What's new, Blitzen Trapper?

gatorbutts 10/5/10

Not sure about others here, but I'd sure love to hear an update from the band (and/or their excellent management) on what's new.  How's it going on the road?  Any stories?  How are record sales for Destroyer?  How's the new album coming?  Any plans for singles or EP releases before the next LP?

Hope all is well and I look forward to seeing you guys this Friday night in Orlando.  Keep up the great work, and thanks for the tunes.

gatorbutts 10/7/10


steve mock 10/14/10

And why do your Daytrotter sessions take so long to get released? I know there's another one. Sean says, "No idea" regarding when. What gives?

Trapper Team
Matt 10/14/10

In my experience, the Daytrotter guys are the ones who decide the timeline, provided the bands don't have any strong opinions.  I think they just have a ton of sessions in the can, and they want to space them out.  That's just my speculation though.

Bingo Bongo 10/16/10

FYI - Daytrotter told me a few weeks ago that new sesh will be up in "early Nov".

dengamle 10/16/10

Crazed and amazed by the trappers, but heartbroken, they do not come to a town near me. I live in Denmark and i dont think that my fellow countrymen have heard the fantastic sound of these guys yet, what a shame for them, but i feel blessed by the sonic outlets of these guys have reached my ears.

might sound like a jerk, but what is the daytrotter thing???

GrangerLang 10/16/10

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