Whats that sound?

jers 3/15/11

After upgrading my stereo I can hear something in the background on Fur that I don't remember hearing before. I can hear it on two songs Not Your Lover and Echo. I hear it on both vynil and cd. It sounds like it my be wood on wood or pino keys or...Anyone have any inside information? It's not bothersome but I would like to know what I am hearing.


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E. Earley 3/15/11

It's the clack of the hammers.  That piano was a hundred year old upright me and Brian rolled in from an abandoned room in the building where we recorded that record.  It was missing the front and top and the higher keys were broken off.  

jers 3/15/11

Thats so cool.  I imagine it was difficult to play since the clack seems out of time. Thanks for sharing that story.

jeglican 4/3/11

I noticed that too, I was wondering why it was making that noise...

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