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okko 12/18/10

Dear Blitzen Trapper,

I bought and downloaded all your records now. Thanx for the Cd's you sent me. But... Where is BLITZEN TRAPPER? No more tours, no Schedule, no Tweets, no news?  I know from your "Melkweg" Amsterdam concert in nov2010 that a new record is coming up. 

I also downloaded the Itunes "live Sessions" but this was a little, little bit disappointing. Missed the drive and the audience. Something like the great atmosphere in "de Melkweg". The live sessions are somehow too polished , i guess. The songs are beautiful and Black Mountain Killer in a different key and chord handling is great! So the live sessions are great other "studio-like" songs. 

So, please release a pure LIVE album/download!

Thanx to my friend Rob L. He invited me to your concert!


Elst (U), Netherlands

gatorbutts 12/18/10

okko, I agree.  Would love to hear some updates from the band.  While you're waiting for new material and a possible proper live album, try downloading some shows from Archive.org.  Here's a great recent show:


...and here's a great earlier show from 2007, with several great old tunes:



okko 12/19/10

Hey you gatorbutts (real name :-))...

Thanx!!! The music is now on my Ipod!!

But still hoping some Band updates... are coming 



Ps saw this movie on tv yesterday : Into the wild.. Great movie en very good music (Eddie Vedder, pearl jam). 

Trapper Team
Matt 12/20/10

The guys have been posting some updates on Twitter, which you can see here:


This one gives a pretty good idea of what they're up to:

"we are separately in/at: home, studio, Amsterdam, Bergen."

Sounds like Marty played a solo show in Portland the other day too.

In general, the guys have been touring their butts off in 2010, so I imagine they're taking it fairly easy right now.

I should probably also add the latest tweet to the front page of the site here, since not everyone follows Twitter.

okko 12/21/10

Thanx Matt,

i should have seen the tweets. Just have to "unfriend" some people i follow. It's a mess all those messages...

You're absolutly right. The guys should take some rest. 


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