Why was the Paris show cancelled?

thedude 11/25/10

There was going to be a show on sunday november 28th. It was cancelled. Why?????

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Mentok 11/28/10

Well the venue was pretty big and the ticket sales were a little on the slim side.  They would have moved it to a smaller venue, but all of them were booked up.  We're really sorry that we couldn't make it.  We love Paris! 

thedude 12/3/10

Thanks for the answer. Too bad. We were looking forward to it.  Le Point Éphémère is a great venue for your next trip. Right off le canal st-martin. Cheers.

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michael.james 12/6/10

Actually, it is mostly the promoter's descretion. If he/she thinks they will lose money on the show they will likey cancel it - which was the case with us. However if you can find out who was promoting that show, send them a deluge of email letting them know that next time around Paris needs the Trappers!

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