wrong cd

Bryan 10/5/15

We saw you guys at the Lightening Bug Music Festival. You were awesome!. Anyway, I bought Field Rexx at the show, and I got it home and the music on the disc is actually Wild Mountain Nation. The cd over and the disc itself say Field Rexx, but the music is not. I was wondering if you have had this happen before. I am going to see you on Tuesday, at Turner Ballroom, so I will gladly  buy Field Rexx again. I was just wondering if this happened before and to say SEE YOU AT TURNER!!! We love you guys!

gatorbutts 10/7/15

Funny.  This happened to me back in the late 80's.  I bought the Dead Milkmen's "Big Lizard in my Backyard" cassette at the local mall record store - probably Camelot Music.  I proceeded to listen to it on repeat for days and really dug the tunes, but struggled to match the lyrics with the titles on the cassette sleave.  I played it for a friend (with a much deeper punk vocabulary) who helped me determine that it was actually the Descendents' "ALL" record on the tape, and not the Dead Milkmen at all (Somehow I just knew that "Clean Sheets" could not be that "Bitchin' Camaro" song I'd heard at a party once).  Happy accident, as I grew to love and acquire all of the Descendents' albums.  Funny way to have discovered an eventual favorite band.

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