Wrong Vinly In AATL

Sasquatch75 4/20/16
I just recently got around to purchasing All Across This Land on vinyl this RSD. And inside the sleeve was not Blitzen Trapper's album. It was an album on the Mad Decent label titled "Major Lazer: Peace is the Mission." I have never seen or heard of this happening before for any album. It included the correct download card and inner sleeve of Blitzen Trapper, just the wrong vinyl. I downloaded a picture of it on their FB page but rarely does the actual band handle those kind of media accounts. So I've heard nothing back from them. Just wondering if anyone else had this happen to them as well. Cheers y'all!
munkymufin1 4/21/16
So what were your thoughts on Major Lazer?
Band Member
michael.james 4/23/16
Sasquatch75! Just as I said on Facebook: Our apologies - mix up at the plant, and it does happen from time to time. Please return it to where you purchased it and have them exchange. Please let me know if you have any trouble doing that!

It is most certainly the band who handle ALL of our social media - I think I let the label do it once for us when we were on the road, but you're pretty much dealing with me. 

Incidentally, Major Lazer's song "Lean On" is one of my favorite dance tracks in a LONG time!

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