WTF! Why won't BT play in DC/ 200 mile radius from my home/ dear blitzen trapster

patdmulroy99 5/12/11

Dear Blitzen Trapper,

I love you. I want to see you live. I can travel 200 miles maximum to see you, blitzen trapper, as gas is too expensive. I can't afford to travel to oregon to see you play. Why will you not come to the midatlantic this summer? I foolishly missed your show you last time you came to DC. This was before I knew you. Never again. Please, forgive me.



PS. Seriously come to DC. 

Zibby Pillote 5/12/11

I heard they're coming through DC in September. Don't worry... once the new album comes out we will all have a chance.

weisenheimer 6/26/11

Yes, please come to DC.

Bring Rainn and film the sequel to "Blitzen Trapper Massacre", "Revenge of the Blitzen Trapper" or "Night of the Living Blitzen Trapper" @ Nightclub 9:30 or The Black Cat or Rock 'n Roll Hotel or my Backyard.

Band Member
michael.james 6/26/11

We will be there! Only a small tour this summer but after the record comes out we will have a full-fledged 6 week tour. Dates will be announced soon...

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