Yo Gabba Gabba

indied almost 10 years ago

I know the band filmed an appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba last Fall.  Does anyone know when that's supposed to air?  It hasn't aired yet, has it?

GrangerLang almost 10 years ago

I think I heard that it's aired in Canada, but not yet in the US. I think the episode is called 'Treasure'.

indied almost 10 years ago

Thanks for the info!  I'll keep looking out for it.

GrangerLang over 9 years ago

Soooo IF their episode is, in fact, 'Treasure', it looks like it might be airing August 21?   This is according to zap2it and aol, but it's not showing up on tvguide.  So it's anyone's guess, really.  But there you go.  Possibly 8-21.  Maybe.  We'll see.

/least useful update ever

Trapper Team
Matt over 9 years ago

Good lookin' out!  Their episode is indeed Treasure (the song they sing is about treasure as well), but I don't know when it's supposed to air.  Sounds like you're on the right track though, and I'll update the board if I hear anything.

mariafranchina over 9 years ago

Any information on times?

GrangerLang over 9 years ago

So it's not the greatest quality, as it's video of someone filming their tv, but it's not bad, and it's better than nothing!


Jamieson over 9 years ago

A treasure indeed!  Thanks for finding and posting, what a sweet little song :)

jeglican over 8 years ago

I just overheard that you guys did a song on this show. I managed to find it and give it a listen, I'm kind of interested in when bands do childrens songs because my buddy in the Verve Pipe has been playing their childrens album all the time now.

Kudos guys, its really cool and a tough thing to do. Way to keep the BT sound and manage to inspire some little kids. Thats really cool.

Phish007 over 8 years ago

whats up everyone, if you wanna see this episode you can always buy it from itunes (thats what I did at least). Its a fantastic tune and kids will love it:


Jasa over 8 years ago

My world has been turned upside down. 

Monica Watson West over 8 years ago

It's the Treasure episode and it just aired again about 3 weeks ago.  I caught it by accident!!  Cute little tune for the kids. 

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